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5 Ways to Support Remote and Hybrid Learning

When looking for ways to maintain continuity of learning and create impactful lessons for all students in any environment, consider these five ways Discovery Education supports both educators and students remote, in-class, or hybrid learning.


1. Assigning Content

Blended learning is easier when you have access to thousands of standards-aligned, vetted resources and reliable, high-quality content—especially if it’s all in one place. DE provides an extensive repository of the best digital content for instruction, and lets you assign individual pieces and assignments or even a whole folder of content to your students no matter where they are.

Our platform contains over 200,000+ exciting resources and activities supporting many core concepts and subjects, including language arts, math, social studies, science, health, and visual or performing arts.


2. Take a Virtual Field Trip

Even if students are stuck indoors or aren’t even in the classroom, you can still take them on a trip around the world, no permission slips required! Virtual Field Trips whisk students away to amazing places and give them remarkable experiences without ever leaving the school building (or home!).

From polar bear habitats on the frozen tundra to factories of major manufacturers and the courts of the NBA, inspire students’ natural curiosity and introduce them to new interests and careers as they explore these exciting destinations.

  • Plan a Trip Access and assign virtual adventures organized by subject area and grade level.

  • Find Inspiration Hear how Discovery Educator Rita Mortenson uses Virtual Field Trips with her students.


3. Assign a Ready-to-Use Activity

Save time with thousands of tried and true grab-and-go lessons and pre-made activities that combine Discovery Education digital content with the strategies our educators love. Assign them as is or modify them for specific students or groups.

  • Get Started Visit the Instructional Activities Channel and discover engaging, ready-to-use activities that provide students with opportunities to explore their curiosity around a variety of topics.


4. Design and Differentiate Your Own Multimedia Lesson

Use our powerful Studio tool to easily create, differentiate, and share lessons in a way that works best for both you and your students. Safely search for resources and add them to your Studio Board, insert written, audio, or video instructions, and you’re ready to go!


5. Unleash Student Creativity

Challenge your students to select a topic they are passionate about, search for resources in the Discovery Education Student Center, and create a Studio Board to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Students can build their confidence with digital learning resources and demonstrate their understanding no matter where they’re working. Use the Twenty-Five Things You Didn’t Know SOS Student Learning Activity to get your students started.

  • Ready-to-Use Instructional Activities Assignable Studio Boards for sharing DE with students and helping them explore their interests.


For Parents: Check Out the Daily DE!

Looking for meaningful and engaging learning activities for your children? These Daily DE activities feature a grade-appropriate learning exercises for every day of the week. From digital interactives to Virtual Field Trips, fun science experiments and more, these daily activities are great for keeping learning going at home. Download the Daily DE for your child’s grade band below.


The flexible, DE learning platform, provides compelling high-quality content, ready-to-use learning activities, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources to give you everything you need to facilitate daily instruction and create a lasting educational impact.

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