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Meet the DE Characters!


We recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students, but it was more than just an anniversary. It marked a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and student engagement, while reigniting our passion for teaching and learning.

But this next chapter isn’t just about growing our resources, but growing our DE family to find even more ways to creatively engage students. And part of that is our new community of characters in your DE platform.

You may have already noticed some of these friendly faces—they love to pop up to say hello, chat about their favorite content, and they always seem to show up when you need a helping hand. Since you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them, we want you to know who they are and where you might find them, starting with Disco!

Meet Disco!

Many students and educators will see Disco right away. She is an alert, emotive dog who loves everybody—and everybody loves her! Disco’s main goals are to be enthusiastic, welcoming, and helpful, and to make you laugh every step of the way.

Where You’ll Find Her

You’ll find Disco always ready to play! She’ll bring you something useful or offer to help where needed. That’s why her favorite places to hang out include welcome pages and assignments. Disco is usually holding on to her backpack, a notepad, or whiteboard. She communicates through these and the objects she brings you, as well as lots of tail wags and nose wiggles! You may also see her closely guarding a treat or treasure, but she’s willing to give it over…begrudgingly.

Favorite Functions:

  • Setting Up Classrooms

  • Setting Up Profiles

  • Helping First-Time Users

  • How To Guides

  • Offering Templates and Quick Starts

  • Bringing You Things!

Disco's DE Picks

In her downtime, Disco loves digging through the Dogs Channel and Family Channel, or sniffing out new resources in the Social-Emotional Learning Center. And of course, she also enjoys any channel you do, because she loves you!

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