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Quiz is More Than a 4-Letter Word

Interactive Quizzes for Remote & In-Class Learning

Turn your classroom into a live game show with Quiz!

We’re not talking about the usual list of questions on a piece of paper. Our new Quiz features empower teachers to create engaging, get-those-wheels-turning quizzes that liven up the classroom and then take action where needed. Students can easily participate in any learning environment and teachers can track student progress in real time.


Standard Quiz

Use Standard Quiz to check for understanding and student readiness with a range of question formats—from polling to open-ended, multiple choice to image annotation or audio responses. There’s no shortage of ways to accurately measure progress!

Assign these to students to create a self-paced assessment or launch them live. When live, students access through a code and teachers can guide students through the assessment while viewing results as they come in.

Video Quiz

With Video Quiz, you can choose a video from our treasury of high-quality content and embed questions directly on the viewing timeline. Just pause the video where you want to put a question then add a short-answer prompt or use the dropdown to change it to multiple choice or poll.

This keeps students engaged in the video while continually keeping a pulse on their learning.

Ask Live Quiz

In the middle of a lesson and need to check for understanding? Ask Live Quiz lets you ask interactive questions live and share responses in-person or remotely to spark lively discussions and class participation. Students can respond on their own devices, giving you real-time data to inform your next steps.

Pro Tip! Launch an Exit Ticket from an Ask Live Quiz and have students respond with how they’re feeling about what they’ve learned so you can better prepare for the next lesson or provide extra practice for specific learners.

Real-Time Results

See how your students did by checking the Results Dashboard. Quiz results display in real time, by question and by student, so you can take timely action. Save time grading quizzes and instead focus on gauging participation, offering feedback, and identifying remediation needs to ensure student progress.

You’ll find all the information you need, displayed the way you need it, to help guide your instruction the very next day.


Learn more about Quiz in the Help Center and try one out with your students this week! Not a current partner? Watch a virtual demo today to get started.

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