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Ready-to-Use Activities to Kickstart Student Creativity

Our content never gets stale, and neither will your lessons!

Every month we add hundreds of new resources specially curated for educators to answer the need for timely, relevant teaching opportunities. When our content is combined with our popular SOS Instructional Strategies—designed for educators, by educators—you get that magic formula for constructive, engaging activities. And luckily, we’ve built thousands of these activities to help you tap into that magic and save time in the process.

There are tons of great ways to take advantage of these ready-to-use activities and keep students curious throughout the day. Whether it’s lesson starters, background builders, writing prompts, or student choice boards, you’ll find exactly what you and your students need. You can use these activities as-is for turnkey assignments or customize them in Studio. Additionally, you can assign them to individual students, groups of students, or the whole class. And because of embedded literacy and language supports, like Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, all learners have an opportunity to do well.

Ready to get started?

  • Find ready-to-use activities already peppered throughout our content channels.

  • Explore dedicated collections like the Student Learning Activities Channel.

  • Get up and running right away with the handful of fun activities listed below!


Reinforce ELA Skills with Fishtronaut

Fishtronaut: Case of the Lost Critter ELA Activity (Grades K-2)

Embark on an adventure with Fishtronaut while practicing making inferences, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, and identifying key story elements.

Cultivate Creative Talents with STEM Careers

STEM Careers: Game Artists & Animators (Grades 3-5)

Dive into an interesting career path and learn about game animators and how video game design uses STEM skills.

Then have students watch an engaging Virtual Field Trip before working together on a STEM Career Challenge and channeling their creativity to design their own new team jersey.

Foster SEL through Bumblebee Behaviors

Bumblebee High Five (Grades 6-8)

Draw students in with an interesting video about giving a bumblebee a high five before seamlessly transitioning to a conversation around conflict resolution with this social-emotional learning activity.

Use Baseball to Build on Math Concepts

Baseball and Decimal and Fraction Conversion (Grade 8)

Have students watch a video with Devin Pickett, a real baseball information coordinator for the Chicago White Sox, about how math and data is used in baseball to improve player performance.

Then let them work through practice problems, find helpful hints, and follow their curiosity with more content.

Travel the World with Student Learning Adventures

Student Learning Adventures: Ancient Civilizations (Grades 9-12)

Explore popular ancient civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and Greece with this student-led activity.

Students can dive deep into each culture with key vocabulary words, fascinating videos, and a closing activity at the end of each page.


Dive into the Student Learning Activities and Learning at Home Channels for more ready-to-use activities for all grades and learners. Not a current partner? Watch a virtual demo today to get started!

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